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50 years of The Guild: Interview with Grok’s ‘07 Editor, Melissa Davey

In our effort to celebrate 50 years of Grok, we spoke to Davey about her time as the magazine’s editor in 2007, and her experience as an overall Grok contributor and Curtin student from 2003-2007, where she completed a double degree in Politics and Journalism.

It's time for our Annual General Meeting.

All Guild Members are invited to attend and will have the right to vote on any resolution of the meeting. There is a free sausage sizzle and Guild Members in attendance will also receive a free beverage voucher for use during the event.

Students will no longer tolerate inaction on climate change

The Guild’s “We Will Not Be Left Behind” campaign demands include a call for the removal of subsidies given to fossil fuel companies, a flat 10% tax rate for gas companies for the next ten years, and the funding of free education as a result of these initiatives.

Students demand action on climate change

The Guild’s “We Will Not Be Left Behind Campaign” is demanding that political parties running in the election respond to youth and student calls for greater action on climate change.

Students demand support for an affordable quality education

“The appalling state of universities is that they are expected to provide a quality education to an increased number of students with much less funding than ever before,” said Finlay Nolan, Curtin Guild President.

The future of students demands better education policies

From 2019, students are repaying their HELP debts once their income reaches $45,000 per year, which is down from a previous threshold of $55,874.

50 years of the Guild: In conversation with former Grok music editor, Craig Reardon

Grok picked Reardon’s brain for more memories of being a student, writing for the paper, co-hosting shows on the Curtin Radio, 6NR, and still managing to hand in his assignments on time.

Student Welfare at core of election demands

With more than two-thirds living below the poverty line on inadequate income support, many students are being left behind as university education becomes out of reach.

Students demand a fair, fully funded and equitable education system

In recent years, a lowering of the HELP repayment threshold has meant that students now face repaying their debts before earning enough to be considered a decent salary upon graduation.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Joel Shepherd

Joel Shepherd is a successful Australian science fiction author, most well-known for his ‘Cassandra Kresnov’ and ‘Spiral Wars’ series.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: former Grok Editor, Adam Connors

Adam Connors shares his memories of his time at Curtin, his experience as a Grok editor, and recollections of his worldly, well-travelled career.

"We Will Not Be Left Behind" - A campaign that won't end at the ballot box.

With the Federal election date set for 18 May, Curtin Student Guild is launching the “We Will Not Be Left Behind” campaign to encourage all students and young people to get involved and put pressure on the major political parties to meet their demands and priorities.

Staff cuts threaten to jeopardise student learning

Staff cuts announced after the start of classes at Curtin’s Bentley and Western Australia School of Mines (WASM) campuses threaten to jeopardise student learning this semester.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Peter Mitchell

From studying theatre to dedicating his life to working in the community and social services sector, hear Peter Mitchell's story as told by none other than his daughter Luisa, our very own Grok Magazine editor.

Federal Budget has nothing for students

There is nothing for university students in the Federal Budget according to WA’s most influential student representation body, the Curtin Student Guild.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Deanne Cheuk

Former Grok designer Deanne Cheuk shares about her early influences at Curtin and how she worked towards the success she’s achieved today.

50 years of the Guild: The student’s president of the 21st century, Jonathon Saw

Guild President (2000) Jonathon Saw shares his story about leading the Guild into the 21st century.

WA Government wage theft inquiry

All students who have had wages and/or entitlements stolen from them are urged to tell their story to the WA Government Wage Theft Inquiry

Help debt now taking students longer to repay

Students are now taking 9.08 years to repay their HELP loans compared to 7.64 years in 2007-08.

50 years of the Guild: In conversation with ’75 to ‘78’s Treasurer, Tony Tilenni

Guild Treasurer (1975-1978) Tony Tilenni shares insights about the Guild in the mid-to-late 70s,

Guilds call on UWA to cancel lecture by controversial commentator Bettina Arndt

Guilds disappointed that UWA is hosting controversial commentator Bettina Arndt