Gaza Encampment Demands Update

Guild Updates

The Curtin Student Guild reaches an agreement with Curtin University that will see full disclosure of investments, research, learning and teaching ties with weapons manufacturers, foreign governments and defence industry.

Through the dedication and unity of students and the community, the Curtin Student Guild has achieved a crucial step with the university’s commitment to disclose ties with weapons manufacturers, marking significant progress in our shared pursuit of ethical practices and human rights.

After camping outside the Curtin University Chancellory for 23 days, our University agreed to our demands on Tuesday, the 21st of May to disclose all university investments and research connections to companies that support or have ties to Israel, weapons manufacturing and defence organisations. This includes Curtin’s ties to Lockheed Martin, Babcock Australasia, BAE Systems, NOVA Systems and Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Disclosure has been achieved as a direct result of the commitment of the encampment and the Curtin community to fight for the people in Gaza. Hundreds of attendees at rallies, thousands of signatures on the open letter,  the Curtin Palestinian Society lobbying directly with the University, and the support of the community have made this win possible.  

Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Curtin Student Guild, Curtin University has committed to:

  • Annually disclose the list of organisations the university has dealings with in relation to Teaching and Research that are weapons manufacturing corporations, defence related organisations or foreign government agencies or authorities.
  • Publish an annual list of all sectors of University investment.
  • Divest from suppliers that fail to operate in an ethical manner by avoiding causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts when renewing contracts.
  • Release a public position on the war in Palestine.

View the full Memorandum of Understanding here.

The University committing to disclosure is a milestone in the ongoing campaign for Curtin University to cut all ties to weapons manufacturing. This fight does not end with the closure of the encampment, and we will not rest until divestment is achieved. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the encampment and divestment campaign. We would not have achieved this without the community's solidarity.