Declaration of Result - International & Postgraduate Student Committees


Declaration of Result - ISC Councillor 

Declaration of Result PSC Councillor 

Declaration of Result - PSC Faculty of Health Science Representative

Declaration of Result -ISC Faculty of Humanities Representative

Declaration of Result - PSC Faculty of Business and Law Representative


A ballot was held at 9am 27 March, online. Following the close of elections at 9am 28 March, a count was conducted. The following candidates have been declared elected:

For PSC Business and Law Representative Eshan Taneja.

For PSC Health Science Representative Nandani Khetia.

For PSC Councillor:

  • Yeamin Siddiqi Ammar

  • Samuel Oppong

  • Manit Sailesh Jain

For ISC Faculty of Humanities Representative Lebelle Chua.

For ISC Councillor:

  • Akshath Nair

  • Alyah Makarramah Zainuddin

Mitchell Craig
Returning Officer