New to Curtin? Guild O-Day is the BEST Guild event to experience clubs, amazing freebies, giveaways, Guild services, games, activities and more!

Sir Charles Court Promenade
Wednesday 27 July 2022
11am - 2:30pm 
Free entry

  • Get your 2022 Guild sticker, club vouchers & wall planner
  • 100+ Guild clubs and societies to join
  • FREE show bag! (while stocks last)
  • LIVE performances on the Guild stage
  • Meet and greet with your student reps
  • Lots, lots more FREEBIES and discounts all day!

The Reduced Noise Period will be in place from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.


Event Information

Stall List

  • Association of Chemical Engineers
  • Biomedical Sciences Club
  • Curtin Chemistry Club
  • Curtin Machine Learning
  • Curtin Mechanical Society
  • Curtin Society of Mechatronic Engineers
  • Curtin Students' Physics Association
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • IADC Curtin
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Women in Mining and Resources
  • Curtin Engineers Club
  • Australian International Business Association (AIBA)
  • Curtin Accounting Association
  • Curtin Consulting Group
  • Curtin Economics Society
  • Curtin Marketing Association
  • Human Resource Student Association of Western Australia
  • Women in Business
  • Computer Science Students' Association
  • Curtin Robotics Club
  • Curtin Singers
  • Grok
  • Electronic Music Appreciation Society
  • AIESEC in Curtin
  • Australasian Union of Jewish Students Curtin
  • Campus Christian Movement
  • Christian Students at Curtin
  • Curtin Ahlulbayt Humanity Club
  • Curtin Be With Buddha Society
  • Curtin Christian Union
  • Curtin Hindu Club
  • Curtin Immanuel Club
  • Curtin International Relations Society
  • Curtin University Greens (WA) Club
  • Good Deeds Society
  • Hong Kong Christian Fellowship
  • International Bible Fellowship
  • Overseas Christian Fellowship
  • Passion for Jesus
  • Study With a Purpose
  • Curtin Animation Club
  • Curtin Architecture Student Association
  • Curtin Film Society
  • Curtin Illustration Club
  • Curtin Podcast Society
  • Curtin Writers Club
  • Mind Medicine Curtin
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association
  • Curtin Card Club
  • Curtin Esports
  • Curtin Game Development Club
  • Curtin Pop Culture Club
  • Curtin Tabletop
  • Exp. Share
  • Association of Malaysian Students
  • Bubble Tea Society
  • Curtin Filipino Student's Society
  • Curtin Japanese Club
  • Curtin Singapore Society
  • Korean Cultural Club
  • Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Curtin
  • Curtin Divers
  • Curtin University Athletic Club
  • Curtin Wakeboarding Club

Getting your Guild sticker

Student ID Card
First thing you'll need is your Curtin student ID card.
Order now through OASIS.


Guild sticker and club vouchers
To receive your Guild sticker and $5 club vouchers, show your Curtin student ID card at our pop-up stalls at Guild O-Day or during O-Week.
You can also collect your sticker from Guild Reception (Building 106F) anytime throughout semester.


Joining clubs

1. Get your club vouchers

Show your student ID card at Guild Reception (Building 106F) to receive your Guild sticker + two $5 club vouchers.
There will also be pop-up stalls available during O-Week and Guild O-Day.

2. Find a club

Guild O-Day is the best time to use your $5 club vouchers to help cover any joining fees!

Browse all Guild clubs to decide which ones you want to join (not all clubs will be at Guild O-Day).
You can also join anytime during semester by contacting the club directly.


If you're interested in joining a sporting club or social sport team, check out Curtin Stadium.

Health & Safety

The health of all event attendees and staff is our priority.
The Guild is following all health requirements according to the WA Government and Curtin University policy.
Stay home if you feel unwell.
Up to date vaccination is mandatory on campus.
Practice good hygiene.
Where possible, physical distance 1.5 metres


Reduced Noise Period

The reduced noise period will be in place from 1:30pm – 2:30pm with no amplified music or sound.

There will not be any amplified sound coming from the stage and stallholders are required to reduce noise and turn off any amplified music during this period, in order to be mindful of students with accessibility needs.

The purpose of this initiative is to allow Guild O-Day to be more accessible to students who experience difficulties in heightened sensory environments. However, please keep in mind that there may still be some crowds of attendees and noise coming from stall attractions and attendees (non-amplified speaking and sounds).

If you have any additional questions about accessibility at O-Day, you can contact us prior to the event, or speak to event staff on the day (identifiable by pink or orange t-shirts).

Wheelchair Accessibility

If you have any additional questions about accessibility at O-Day, you can contact us prior to the event day, or speak to event staff on the day (identifiable by pink or orange t-shirts).

Not on campus?

There are lots of online events throughout the semester that you can attend.

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