Guild Elections are held annually in September to elect the members of the next year's Guild Council and delegates to the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference to elect next year's Guild Officers.

The Guild represents all students at Curtin University. Through ownership of the campus food outlets and catering, the Tavern, G Mart, vending machines and the funds from SSAF, the Guild has been able to develop a stable funding base to support representation.

The Guild Election Handbook

Election Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Guild Elections.
View your elected student representatives for 2022. 


Guild Executive 2022

Theodora Rohl

Madison Ainsworth

Clare Metcalf



Faculty Representatives 2022

Adam Reader

Amber Hilston

Rachel Taylor

Shaniqua Cutinha



Equity Representatives 2022

Rey Nairn

Hameed Mohammad

Sofia Gonzalez Torres

Salwa Kilzi

Cassidy Pemberton



Guild Councillors 2022

Sophie Scott

Yie Xin Cheong

Athina Hilman

Adam Reader

Hameed Mohammad

Cassidy Pemberton



Ordinary Representation Board Members 2022

Elizabeth Powell

Marcus Fernihough

Jasmyne Tweed

Zoe Wing

Gabbi Marsh

Sophie Scott



NUS Delegates 2022

Madison Ainsworth

Cassidy Pemberton

Lucy Rohl

Yie Xin Cheong

Chris Macfarlane

Freya North-Hickey




More Information

Make an appointment to speak with the Returning Officer Peter Zaikos on 0459 919 900 or by emailing