So, you’ve enrolled at Curtin and may be wondering - what happens now?

We're here to break it down what it's really like from students who’ve been exactly where you are now!
These are the things that are going to make your start to the new semester a whole lot easier.

Order your Student ID

You're going to want to get this sorted ASAP so you can get access to buildings on campus (and your Guild Membership).

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Say hello to OASIS

Your online student portal and new best friend! The My Experience and My Campus tabs are worth exploring now.

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Bookmark Blackboard

Everything for your units (including unit outlines for the assignments you'll probably be doing at the last minute).

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Activate your Guild Membership

Your Guild Membership is your golden ticket to get the most from uni life! Get 10% discount at Guild cafes and access great off campus deals.

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Guild Insider Tips

Best toilets, study spaces, what an average day looks like and more sage wisdom from others who have seen and done it all.

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How to make friends

Attend O-Week events, join a Guild club or wave back at someone who was waving at someone else behind you!

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Find your way around

Getting here, parking, maps, cafes and safety. Things to know before you get lost somewhere on this huge campus.

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Ace your assignments

All about referencing, academic integrity, study tips and whether or not you really need to buy all those textbooks.

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Spending on a student budget

Where to find cheap eats on campus, what scholarships are available and what student financial help is out there.

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Watch the Student Essentials series

Explore tutorials and guides essential to student life.

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You can defer your SSAF fee

If you do not wish to pay your SSAF upfront, you can apply for a SA-HELP.

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Student ID

Your student ID card gets you access to library services, buildings, your exams and to vote in the Guild elections!
Order your student ID card through OASIS if you don’t already have one. It will be mailed to you via Australia Post. Get your student sticker from Curtin Connect (Building 102).


OASIS is your online student portal and new best friend! This is where you can access your enrolment, online resources, submit assessment extensions, apply for scholarships and read important notifications from the University.

You should also be regularly logging into OASIS for important tasks and updates from Curtin.

The My Campus tab is where you’ll find events happening at Curtin but we also suggest visiting our What’s On page as well for events hosted by the Guild and Guild Clubs.


The My Studies tab on OASIS is where you’ll find Blackboard! This has everything about your individual units including unit outlines (so you know what assignments you have to do!).

Bookmark Blackboard because this is where you’ll be submitting the majority of your assignments and online assessments.

The best way to find your Unit Coordinator contact details is in your unit outline. You can also find these details on Blackboard if your tutor has published them.

Guild Membership

  • Student ID card = Guild Membership.
  • Activate your Guild Membership online to start saving!.
  • Explore Guild Member Benefits
  • Defer your SSAF - Financial Transparency
  • Curtin/Canning College - Associate Membership

Guild Insider Tips

Best toilets

Whether you’re new to campus or have been around for a few semesters, knowing where the best toilets on campus are is essential!
Here are some of your Facutly rep favourites:

  • 302 - Hayman Theatre (all-gender toilets, very fancy and new)
  • 104 – Outside Main Café (all-gender toilets, outdoor lunch areas nearby)
  • 106 - Inside Guild Building (all-gender toilets, fancy and newly renovated)
  • 108 – OT Building
  • 410 – Medical School (clean, modern design and near the study spaces)
  • 407 – Business School
  • 200A – John Curtin Building

Best study spaces

There's always a Guild cafe, outlet or vending machine close by to fuel you for your assignments.

Once you have secured a study snack, the next step is to find a space to study. The Library is a classic but can get boring. Luckily, there’s a lot more spaces on campus to check out for your next study sesh!

Best snacks

G Mart is your one-stop shop for all snacks. Don't miss the crowd favourite lolly wall as well as savoury treats and sweet eats.
Stock up on instant noodles to power you through your next assignment.

Day in life of a student

Get ready to manage your own time! You're the one who decides what to do now.
So, what does an average day look like as a student?

  • Get to campus (and remember to start CellOPark if driving! Getting a parking fine is not how you want to end the day).
  • Arrive a bit before your classes – don’t wanna be late, good opportunity to do your pre-class work if you forgot to.
  • Actually go to classes (Once you skip one, it's very easy to skip two, three, six, ten!)
  • Pass the time between classes – meet up with friends for a chat, do some study, check out a club event or refuel at a cafe.
  • Review what you learnt that day, make progress on your assignments and prepare for your next class (future you will thank you for this one!)
  • Go to bed and get lots of sleep! 

Getting ready for a practical placement

If your unit has a practical component, you're going to need to get a few things sorted.
All pracs are different so make sure you ask your advisor if you have any questions.

How to make friends

If you're wondering how you're going to make friends at uni, you're not alone! 
The first few weeks are a great time to jump in the deep end and put yourself out there.

Here's some of the true and tried ways to make friends at university:

O-Week Events
Introductory sessions, craft making, Friend Speed Dating and more! There's so many different events during O-Week that there's bound to be something right for you.

Try introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Everyone's in the same boat here!

Guild O-Day
This is a great event to get involved in campus life, join Guild clubs and get the most out of your Guild membership.
100+ stalls giving away freebies, free food samples and show bags!

Guild clubs
We have so many clubs from academic, political, issues based, faith based and more! Meet other people studying the same course as you or interested in the same hobbies.

Network, make friends and get a better understanding about what your options are after your graduate!

View all Guild clubs

Sport clubs & social sports
Curtin Stadium runs all the sporting teams, social sports and inter-faculty sport events on campus.
They also have a fantastic gym and fitness classes available to keep you active during semester!

View Curtin Stadium

Faculty Facebook group
Every year, one student from each faculty is elected to represent you on university committees, respond to student questions and concerns, run campaigns regarding issues and initiatives relevant to your faculty.

Join your Faculty group for all updates, events and sweet memes from students in your faculty.

Find your way around

We’re excited to welcome even more students to enjoy our beautiful Bentley campus in 2022.
Take the guesswork out of getting here, finding your way around and most importantly, the best places to eat!

Getting to campus
Whether you plan on driving, taking the bus and cycling in - save yourself some stress and know before you go.


CellOPark, CellOPark, CellOPark. Where do we begin...
This is the app where you have to start your parking session to avoid paying a fine.

Click the link below to find out more about CellOPark fines.

Green Zone is the cheapest but you'll need to give yourself a little bit of time to get to campus.
Yellow Zone is more expensive but closer.

Whatever zone you're parking in - don't forget to start CellOPark!

If you're catching public transport, a SmartRider is essential to saving money and carefree travel!
Full time students are also able to access concession status discounts.

Campus maps
Campus is massive and you’ll always be finding new little gardens and study spaces throughout your degree.
There’s a few different ways to access the campus map so you can feel confident getting around campus.

Now that you've found the building. This is how you find the room.
If your class is in 100.301, it means you’re in Building 100, Room 301. Room 301 will be on the 3rd floor.

The Guild owns lots of the cafes and outlets you’ll find all over campus with a great range meals.
As a Guild member you will receive a 10% discount! Simply scan and save at checkout.

Safety on campus
Everyone has the right to feel safe on campus.
Curtin's Safer Community Team operates 24/7 to assist students with safety and can even escort you back to your car if you're studying late on campus.

SafeZone security app
Keep in direct contact with the Curtin Safer Community Team through SafeZone, a free smartphone app for all students, staff and visitors.

Smoke-Free campus
You are not able to smoke anywhere on Western Australian Curtin campuses including buildings and outdoor areas. If you need to smoke you will need to leave the campus.

Ace your assignments

And now for why we're all here in the first place - learning!

Academic Integrity Program (AIP)
Students new to Curtin University need to complete and pass the Academic Integrity Program in OASIS to avoid a sanction (the withholding of your final grades for the semester).

Census Date
This is the last date to withdraw from units without any penalty. If you're on an international student visa, make sure you know the visa requirements before withdrawing from any units.

Academic Support
The Guild's Student Assist team has put together advice about where you can buy textbooks (if you actually need them), Learning Resources, how to get assignment extensions and your rights and responsibilities as a university student.

They can explain your rights and responsibilities with regard to University policy, decisions made about your enrolment, academic progress or assessments.

Spending on a student budget

Working out how to manage your money while studying is a skill that all students need to learn.
Some days you bring your lunch from home to heat up in the student kitchen and other days you're enjoying a delicious feast from one of our cafes. It's all about balance!

We've put together some information on scholarships, student finances, paying fees and emergency relief.

Watch the Student Essential videos

The Curtin Life YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for guiding you through Curtin's platforms and services.

The Student Essentials playlist is packed with tutorial and guides on things like:

  • Registering for Classes
  • Navigating Blackboard
  • Using Curtin WI-FI
  • Ordering your Student ID
  • And many more!


You can defer your SSAF fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is used to provide a wide range of services and amenities to students and to support student-focused initiatives such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, advocacy and support, financial issues and food services.

If you do not wish to pay your SSAF upfront, you can apply for a SA-HELP.  SA-HELP is an Australian Government HELP loan available to eligible domestic students. View the Study Assist website for eligibility criteria. 

To defer your SSAF, you must submit an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form for SA-HELP before the due date of the relevant study period.

Please note that HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP do not include deferral of the SSAF.

View the StudyAssist website for more information.