Download the Guild New to Curtin Handbook and Guild Uni Survival Guide presentation!

There's more to student life than just watching lectures and the Curtin Student Guild is here to get you involved from day one. We coordinate services, events, clubs, discounts and activities to represent students and help you have a positive experience at university.

1. Get your student ID & student sticker

Your student ID card gets you access to library services, buildings, your exams and to vote in the Guild elections!

Order your student ID card through OASIS if you don’t already have one. It will be mailed to you via Australia Post. Get your student sticker from Curtin Connect (Building 102).

2. Get your FREE Guild sticker

All Curtin students are automatically members of the Guild!

Show Guild Reception (Building 106F) your student ID card to get your FREE Guild sticker and $5 club vouchers to go towards joining some of our 100+ Guild clubs!

Start saving on food, drinks, activities and online discounts. 

3. Get Social

Life at Curtin isn't just about your academic studies, it's also about being part of a community, making friends and enjoying new experiences!

Follow the Guild on Facebook and Instagram for info on giveaways, competitions and student services!

The Guild organises activities, events and coursesthroughout the year.

4. Join a Guild Club

Guild clubs are your key to the social side of life at Curtin. They're a wonderful way to meet people, make friends, building your network and pursue your interests with people who like the same things.

Looking to join a sports club? Check out Curtin Stadium!


5. Get Sustainable

The Guild is taking action to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
Pick up a reusable straw from any Guild café and check out our compost bins.

6. Finding classrooms

OASIS is where you receive Official Communication and Alerts from Curtin and Blackboard is where you’ll access info on your units and submit digital assignments. You won’t be able to access your grades until you complete the Academic Integrity Exam (AIP) on Blackboard.

If your class is in 100.301, it means you’re in Building 100, Room 301. Room 301 will be on the 3rd floor.

7. Join your Faculty Facebook group

Every year, one student from each faculty is elected to represent you. Get to know your Faculty reps!

Connect with other students in your faculty, ask questions and get support. Your Faculty reps run these groups and are here to represent you to the University.

8. Connect with your Equity Departments

Our Equity Departments promote inclusivity at Curtin and welcome you to their safe spaces as well as organising activities and events throughout the year. 

Follow them on socials to stay up to date.
Learn more about our Equity Departments

Hello from your Guild President!

Hello, my name is Jesse and I’m your 2021 Guild President. Welcome to the Curtin Student community!

The Curtin Student Guild is your place to:

  1. Get social: We work hard to fill your calendar full of events and activities, so there’s always something happening on campus. Join clubs, see what events are on and connect with other students!

  2. Get help: Student Assist is a free, confidential service with trained staff who can help you with academic, financial or personal issues. When times get tough (or just confusing) we’re here to help.

  3. Be heard: Your elected student representatives fight university decisions that prioritise profit over our quality of education. If you see something you’d like to change, contact the Guild for support making your voice heard. Stay informed and in touch by following our social media.

We have the most incredible community of students at Curtin who are participating in club communities, sharing knowledge, creating new exciting projects and supporting each other.

Coming to university is a grand new adventure where you have more opportunities at your fingertips than ever before. I highly recommend jumping in head first, and making the absolute most of the experience.

The Guild is here for you during the best of times, and the worst of times, but no matter what you’ll always have someone in your corner to listen and help. I know that together we can show 2021 who’s boss.

See you around!

Jesse Naylor Zambrano
Guild President