MEDIA RELEASE: Call for State Government to open WA borders to international students

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Call for State Government to open WA borders to international students

31/01/2022 | Download Media Release

The Curtin Student Guild is calling for the State Government to open WA borders to enrolled international students who are not yet in Australia.

Guild President Theodora Rohl and International Student Committee President Sofia Gonzalez Torres said that they welcomed the Government’s decision to allow international students who live in, or are already in, Australia to enter WA.

“However, the situation still needs to be resolved for the many students outside the country, who have made plans, booked flights, and found accommodation, only for their ability to enter WA to be delayed with no date for the opening of the border,” Ms Rohl said.

The Guild President said that other states understood the invaluable contribution of international students to our culture, community and economy, and that they were being welcomed back with few restrictions.

According to International Student Committee President Sofia Gonzalez Torres, many international students who have been studying online in their home country must enter Australia to complete their work placements.

“Some of these placements are for degrees in health, such as nursing. We have students who can help alleviate the worker shortage in WA,” she said.

"The value of a Western Australian education means so much to International students that for the past two years they had paid full international fees and studied online from their home country,” said Ms Gonzalez Torres.

“The time differences alone has meant that some students have had to participate in classes in the early hours of the morning or very late at night.

“These students have the added challenge of establishing a connection with fellow students and teachers. They are not able to meet people, make friends or experience the social culture of Australia, which is an important part of their decision to study overseas,” she said.

Ms Rohl said that international students were absolutely committed to an education in WA and contributing to WA’s culture and community.

“They and their families sacrifice a lot to be in WA. Their fees, which are paid upfront, are 3 to 7 times more expensive than those of domestic students, and the decision to come to WA means they may be separated from their families for a long time.”


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Curtin Student Guild

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International Student Committee President
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