Guild Delivers: A more effective student feedback tool replaces eVALUate

Guild Updates

Curtin is set to launch "Insight," a new student learning and teaching experience feedback tool designed to replace the existing eVALUate surveys.

This move comes in response to feedback from the student community, signaling their frustrations with the previous eVALUate surveys.

Over the past six months we have worked closely with the University’s management to develop a replacement. On Monday, 2 October 2023, the new survey tool will be open for student feedback.

Insight will provide a simpler process for students to provide feedback on their units and learning experience including these key changes:

Co-designed questions: Students and staff have designed completely new, relevant and evidence based questions to ensure that feedback is used to make real improvements.

Multi-access: To boost response rates and facilitate in-class participation, students can now access their surveys through direct email links, Blackboard or via QR code.

Single sign on: The single sign on platform features an intuitive report interface, complete with live response rates.

Sentiments and predictive text analytics: Using Machine Learning models based on millions of student comments globally, to transform and categorise feedback into relatable terms.

Further enhancements are planned for 2024 including optional question inclusions, pulse check surveys and more.