Palestine Encampment Statement

Guild Updates


Curtin University students are staging a peaceful encampment outside of the Vice Chancellor’s office to call for an end to the University’s ties to Israeli companies that support a conflict that has killed and wounded tens of thousands of  Palestinians.

“We cannot stand by and let our fees fund what has been described by the United Nations Human Rights Council and Amnesty International as war crimes, “ said Guild President Jasmyne Tweed.

The Guild believes in Palestine’s right to self-determination and the right for all to live in peace.

“We support the United Nation’s Security Council’s determination that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal,” said Guild President Jasmyne Tweed.

The Guild expects hundreds of students to take part in the encampment and activities, including a speak-out and candlelit vigil today.

Ms Tweed said that the Guild would prioritise the safety and wellbeing of all students.

“We understand that this is a difficult time for many communities at Curtin University and around the world and we request that those participating do so peacefully and respectfully.”

 The Guild is calling on Curtin University to

  1. Divest from all weapons companies (Namely, Curtin’s partnerships with Lockheed Martin, Babcock Australasia, and Huntington Ingalls Industries).
  2. Disclose - Transparency of all university investments and research connections to companies that support or have ties to Israel, the ADF and weapons manufacturing.
  3. Divest from all Israeli companies, and adhere to BDS standards, including divesting away from HP tech.
  4. Cut ties to Israeli universities
  5. Publicly denounce the ongoing genocide in Gaza – including the destruction of every university in Gaza and the horrific killing of Palestinian students, academics and staff.

 “The conflict has taken a terrible toll on innocent lives with reportedly up to 35,000 Palestinians killed in the past six months and two per cent of Gaza’s child population killed or injured,” she said. 

Ms Tweed said that the encampment was a way to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

“The Guild calls on Curtin University to act with integrity, take a stand against human rights abuses and invest in humanity,” she said.


If you wish to support the cause, we encourage you to donate to the Children of Gaza Crisis: Emergency Appeal by UNICEF Australia. Your donation will support children impacted by this emergency, and crisis around the world.