$1,539 raised for Make Renting Fair WA

Guild Events

You helped us raise $1,539 through our Pop-Up Thrift Markets!

Through our series of Pop-Up Thrift Markets, the vibrant and caring Curtin community managed to raise an impressive $1,539 in funds for Make Renting Fair WA. The proceeds from this effort are destined to make a significant impact on the lives of countless renters in the region.

Make Renting Fair WA is an organization that has been tirelessly working to reform the Western Australian Residential Tenancy Act. Their mission is to make the renting experience fairer and more secure for the approximately 700,000 people who rent homes in Western Australia. Among these renters, there are many thousands of students, and their voices are an essential part of this initiative.

Learn more abou Make Renting Fair WA here.