Clubs Week 2022




28 March to 8 April – Yes, we’re extending it!

Clubs Week 2022 will continue as an in person & digital campaign, highlighting the incredible contribution clubs make to campus life, and linking students to further information on clubs (and how to join). Check out the offerings we have for you to take up:

1. Membership Stalls

Only five stalls are available daily along the Guild Promenade. Membership stalls in this Guild space only require a submission of an Equipment Hire Form. At the end of the form, please list all dates and times that your club are able to host a stall in case your preferred date is already full. We’ll head around to stalls daily to film Q&A’s with your stall for our Instagram following.

Note: Clubs can book a membership stalls via this form in this location any time of the year, however, for Clubs Week this will feature heavily on the Guild’s socials to show students that the Guild precinct is a club hub.

Deadline for Clubs Week 2: 31 MARCH

2. Submit a Club Spotlight Video

We will feature club submissions as per this Filming Brief on Guild socials. Please read the brief carefully and check out the club spotlight video’s we’ve already shared on the @curtinguild Facebook so far to get an idea of the standard we’ll require in order to make the cut. Need to up-skill? Check out the Film & Editing Workshop recording on our website along with some app recommendations to use. Please follow the filming brief closely and if you can’t make the deadline, please still submit something so we can use it throughout the year OR post it yourself and tag us for re-shares. Don’t forget these similar Club Marketing opportunities are here year-round too.

Deadline for Clubs Week: 23rd MARCH

3. Advertise your Online Event

To show the student community that clubs are offering opportunities to Travel Restricted Students and those keeping safe during these times, we’d like to showcase this during the hype of Clubs Week. Submit an application to promote your event.

Deadline for Clubs Week: 23rd MARCH
For any other time of the year: Lodge anytime


To be eligible for either of the above opportunities, please ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Submit your 2022 club renewal
  • Complete the “webpages” & “memberships” modules on the TidyHQ onboarding checklist (document no.8 in the TidyHQ Club training webpage). Note: if you have a membership fee, a stripe account must be linked to your TidyHQ.