Proposed Changes to Guild By-Laws

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Proposed Changes to Guild By-Laws

By Guild Secretary

Download Proposed amendments to the Student Guild By-Laws 2022

The Guild Legal Committee and Guild Council are intending to make changes to our By-Laws to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Move the Guild’s current Affirmative Action (AA) process from the Guild’s Regulations to the By-Laws.
  • Provide the Guild Council with the power to dissolve a student society that fails to substantially meet the requirements for Annual Renewal within one (1) year of being requested to do so.

The Legal Committee are currently drafting these changes to our By-Laws.

All Guild Members are invited to attend the Guild Council meeting where these changes will be considered on the 27th of July at 5:30pm. Further details are provided on the Guild’s Committee page.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Guild Secretary at