Danica Scott


Danica Scott

Hi, I’m Danica Scott. I’m a PhD student in astrophysics, an activist, and a socialist. I’m running to be an Ordinary Representation Board member and NUS delegate with Left Action.

Left Action is committed to the fight for social justice, and sees the Guild and NUS as activist bodies. This means using their resources for calling and building protests for social justice, mobilising students, and growing movements. Left Action are activists who have organised and supported rallies for abortion rights, against Indigenous imprisonment, and against the recent homophobic Religious Discrimination Bill.

The need for an activist Guild is just as urgent now that Labor is in government. Labor is continuing the racist persecution of refugees - one of the first announcements made after the election this year was that another boat had been turned back to Sri Lanka. The ALP granted the Murugappan family - refugees who fled the persecution of Tamils in Sri Lanka and were then taken from their home in Biloela - permanent visas, but only because of a sustained activist campaign against their deportation, a campaign that members of Left Action played major roles in. And besides this, Labor is doing nothing for the 30,000 other refugees living in limbo in Australia, and continue to turn away boats of refugees fleeing desperate circumstances.

The WA Labor government is no better. They continue to oversee an incarceration rate of over 3 out of every 100 Indigenous people in the state, the highest in the country, and the recent transfer of 17 Indigenous children to a maximum-security adult prison. WA Labor also won’t back down on approving new fossil fuel projects, despite their rhetoric about taking climate change seriously. The Scarborough Gas Project still has the green light, and will be Australia’s largest ever fossil fuel production facility.

In order to actually take serious action for social justice, including against racism and climate change, the Guild and NUS need to not only be independent of Labor, but actively fighting against it. Left Action will take up this fight, and push the Guild to do so too.

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