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Finlay is a current student at Curtin with a fair bit on her plate. She’s not only studying Secondary Education with a Major in English and Minor in History, but she’s also the Guild President—more precisely, she is the 50th student and fourth female to be elected in this role.


A *Four Corners Report* aired on Monday has uncovered that a Curtin University researcher provided advice on Artificial Intelligence technology being used to identify specific racial groups including Uyghurs and other minority Muslim groups.

50 Years of the Guild: Looking back with Former Guild President Terry Healy

Former Guild President Terry Healy discusses his time at Curtin and experience in politics.

50 Years of the Guild: Looking back with Former Guildie and Grokian, Garry Feeney

Garry Feeney looking back at his time working at Grok and within the Curtin University in the early 1970s.


Legislation introduced into the lower house this week by the Minister for Education continues to attack the bottom-line of university funding.

50 Years of the Guild: In conversation with former Grokian, Hazel Bradley

Former WAIT student and Grok contributor, discusses her time on campus, reviewing music records, visiting the Tav, and reflects on how she was impacted by her experiences as a part of our documentation of the Guild’s history.

50 Years of the Guild: In conversation with former Guild President, Pablo Campillos

Pablo Campillos was an active student back in his day—quite literally!

Food outlets lead sustainability at Curtin

Motivated by student concerns about environmental sustainability, Curtin Student Guild has swapped close to 100% of its food packaging to biodegradable and compostable products.

Guild a finalist in prestigious food award

Curtin Student Guild has been named a finalist in the prestigious 2019 Savour Awards for Excellence.

Statement by Member of Southern River T.J. Healy

A statement by Mr Terry Healy (Member of Southern River) in WA Parliament. Assembly on Thursday 13 June 2019.

Sudan crisis: what we can do to help

We extend our solidarity to all those fighting for democracy, and our support to any Sudanese Curtin students, especially those who have loved ones still living in Sudan.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: Patrick Gorman, Former Guild President

Grok spoke to Patrick about his time at Curtin, how working with the Guild helped him succeed in politics and his advice to students aspiring to work in politics.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: In conversation with former Guild Activities Officer, Andrew Thamo

Andrew Thamo, then a young Social Sciences student, spoke recently about his years at WAIT and what his role as the Student Guild’s Activities Officer involved—and more importantly, about trees.

cupcakes make student life sweeter

Hundreds of Curtin students have celebrated the 50th birthday of their representation body with a spectacular grazing table of cupcakes.

We Will Not Be Left Behind - Campaign Wrap Up

Our We Will Not Be Left Behind campaign is not only about this election. It is about showing students and young people that they deserve to be heard and that they can effect change.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: Former Homosexual Information Officer, Maxine Drake

Maxine Drake was the Guild’s Homosexual Information Officer in the 80s. We chatted about the feminism and gay liberation movements during her time at university, how she came about the role and what she took away from it.

Notice of Election Result

Jesse Zambrano has been elected Chair of the Represtenation Board

End the University funding freeze

Students demand an end to University funding freeze as part of their "We will Not Be Left behind" campaign

Excellence in Teaching Awards - Curtin's Top Ten

Ten teachers at Curtin University have been recognised for their positive impact on the learning experience and lives of their students.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: A tribute to the founding father of ‘Grok’, Rod Cole

In 1969 WAIT’s student newspaper was called Aspect; and then in 1972, it was re-born like a phoenix from the ashes as Grok, led by a student called Rod Ravenswood, née Rod Cole. He took the name from Robert A. Heinlein’s novel ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, in which ‘grok’ meant to understand something thoroughly, or intuitively.

Students demand protection and support

The Guild’s “We Will Not Be Left Behind” campaign is calling for all parties in this election to take a stand against sexual assault and harassment by committing to establish a national taskforce to address the issue on university campuses.