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Virtual O-Day a new learning experience

Curtin students are back on campus for semester two with social distancing the new norm and the first successful virtual Orientation Day in the university’s history.

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Human Resources Student Association of Western Australia

Do you have two or more years left of your degree? Now is the time to join a club!

MEDIA RELEASE: Parliament House rally to protest Government fee hike TODAY

WA students will rally in protest against the Federal Government’s proposed higher education fee changes on Friday, 3 July 2020 at Parliament House from 12.30 to 2.30pm.

Curtin students condemn Government fee hike

Curtin Student Guild has condemned the Federal Government’s plan to double the fees of domestic students studying arts, humanities, social sciences and communications who enroll in courses from 2021.

Academic Misconduct - Student Assist Advice Series

Academic misconduct. What is it and what should you do?

The significance of Reconciliation Week

If you are a non-Aboriginal person, that’s not to say you haven’t had hardships in your life, but when you are an Aboriginal person, the structures of life have deliberately been set up to disadvantage you and advantage another group of people.

Assessment Extensions - Student Assist Advice Series

Having trouble finishing your assessments on time?

Exams - Student Assist Advice Series

Be prepared, clear your mind and know your rights around exams and final assessments!

50 Years of the Guild: Looking back with Former Guildie and Grokian, Garry Feeney

Garry Feeney looking back at his time working at Grok and within the Curtin University in the early 1970s.

50 Years of the Guild: In conversation with former Guild President, Pablo Campillos

Pablo Campillos was an active student back in his day—quite literally!

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: In conversation with former Guild Activities Officer, Andrew Thamo

Andrew Thamo, then a young Social Sciences student, spoke recently about his years at WAIT and what his role as the Student Guild’s Activities Officer involved—and more importantly, about trees.

50 Years of the Guild - Looking back: A tribute to the founding father of ‘Grok’, Rod Cole

In 1969 WAIT’s student newspaper was called Aspect; and then in 1972, it was re-born like a phoenix from the ashes as Grok, led by a student called Rod Ravenswood, née Rod Cole. He took the name from Robert A. Heinlein’s novel ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, in which ‘grok’ meant to understand something thoroughly, or intuitively.

50 years of The Guild: Interview with Grok’s ‘07 Editor, Melissa Davey

In our effort to celebrate 50 years of Grok, we spoke to Davey about her time as the magazine’s editor in 2007, and her experience as an overall Grok contributor and Curtin student from 2003-2007, where she completed a double degree in Politics and Journalism.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Joel Shepherd

Joel Shepherd is a successful Australian science fiction author, most well-known for his ‘Cassandra Kresnov’ and ‘Spiral Wars’ series.

50 years of the Guild: Standing up for student unions with ‘05’s Rikki Hendon

Guild's former Education Vice-President (2005) shares her insights and experiences.

50 years of the Guild: In conversation with ’75 to ‘78’s Treasurer, Tony Tilenni

Guild Treasurer (1975-1978) Tony Tilenni shares insights about the Guild in the mid-to-late 70s,

50 years of the Guild: In conversation with former Grok music editor, Craig Reardon

Grok picked Reardon’s brain for more memories of being a student, writing for the paper, co-hosting shows on the Curtin Radio, 6NR, and still managing to hand in his assignments on time.

50 years of the Guild: The student’s president of the 21st century, Jonathon Saw

Guild President (2000) Jonathon Saw shares his story about leading the Guild into the 21st century.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Deanne Cheuk

Former Grok designer Deanne Cheuk shares about her early influences at Curtin and how she worked towards the success she’s achieved today.

50 Years of the Guild: Spotlight on the successful alumni of Curtin, Peter Mitchell

From studying theatre to dedicating his life to working in the community and social services sector, hear Peter Mitchell's story as told by none other than his daughter Luisa, our very own Grok Magazine editor.


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