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What’s Happening at Representation Board

On March 18, the Representation Board discussed the future of our My Fees, My Future campaign with the University and the Guild negotiating the implementation of ‘Blended Learning’ and the Guild recently pushing for a return to in-person lecture options.

Meet May, your 2021 PSC President!

"I am hoping to work on the roll-out of the Mental Health First Aid training initiative across all Faculties, ensuring that both HDR and coursework students have the tools to identify, assist and cope with a mental health issue at Curtin."

Meet Cristian, your 2021 ISC President

"My advice for current and future students is to be involved in as many groups as you can, not only from the academic point of view but also extracurricular activities, which will help you to increase your networking and your chance of meeting new friends."

Meet Clare, your 2021 Accessibility Officer!

"I am most looking forward to is community building. I have got some regular Meet and Greets planned as well as collabs with the other Equity Departments, I cannot wait to meet students and build a little network!"

Meet Dax, your 2021 Queer Officer!

"I will be continuing the amazing work of my predecessors by providing advice and advocacy for any queer-related issues on campus—especially all-gender bathrooms, preferred names on rollcalls, and providing a voice for all queer students at Curtin."

Meet Cassidy, your 2021 Women's Officer!

"I’ve already started to grow Curtin’s Women’s community online and in person, and am working on events and projects to commence this year."

Meet Lucy, your 2021 Health Sciences rep

"I think that in university you should be able to choose when and how you study with much more precision and flexibility than what we have now."

Meet Dylan, your 2021 Business and Law Rep and Chair of Representation Board

"I want to make sure students in my faculty are given opportunities to transition into the workplace and work towards greater funding for clubs."

Meet Jason, your 2021 Science and Engineering Rep!

"Study is one thing, but I think the university experience is a bit more than that, it is about making friends, new connections and going to events."

Meet Madison, your 2021 Humanities Reps

"I am all for online classes, but that must be a choice each student makes. The slow return to face-to-face for some subjects is making it harder for students who learn better in a physical classroom capacity."

Meet Bridge, your 2021 Vice President - Education

"Learning is a noble pursuit and is something we should be encouraging people to do, not penalising them for it."

Meet Fatma, your 2021 Secretary

"For students to succeed, we need to ensure that we are prioritising their wellbeing."

Meet Lachy, your 2021 Vice President - Activities

"I am hoping to bring this campus back to life after COVID shut us down for the bigger part of 2020, that means bigger and better events, and giving clubs the space and support to truly shine."

Meet Jesse, your 2021 Guild President

"I want to make sure students are informed about what is going on, and I want them to realise that they have the power to demand better."

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Excellence in Teaching Awards 2019/2020

Twelve academics have been named as Curtin’s top teachers at the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Awards held last week by the Curtin Student Guild.

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Curtin student Union slams proposal to withdraw student loans from struggling students

Curtin Student Guild President Hana Arai today slammed the Government’s proposal to withdraw student loan access to those under academic stress.

Curtin Student Guild food aid program receives funding boost

A food aid program set up by Curtin University’s student union has received a funding boost from Lotterywest.