C.O.I.N. is an abbreviation of Collaboration, Opportunity, Innovation, and Network - the four things that we want to foster within our members.

The Curtin C.O.I.N is a graduate/professional student organization encouraging participation by all members of the University community. The organization provides a forum to exchange ideas for students interested in entrepreneurship. It introduces members to practitioners in the field of their interest and provides networking opportunities within the business community. Curtin C.O.I.N advocates corporate social responsibility, ethical management practices, and community involvement. The organization will foster social interaction for students by sponsoring gatherings and recreational activities. It will coordinate events/lectures and work closely with several Curtin School's in order to become a nationally recognized club.

Curtin C.O.I.N is built on 3 philosophies:

  • Coin as a verb means to create, to invent. We want this club to become the facility for members to create something. Even though it is small, coin has value, just as a person may only have limited but valuable resources.
  • Successful venture comes from collaboration of ideas and Curtin C.O.I.N will promote a platform for idea sharing.
  • The club was primarily meant to be a supportive place for Masters of International Business and Entrepreneurship students, however, throughout the start-up process we have decided to make a club for all struggling or aspiring entrepreneurs enrolled in Curtin University and help them in a journey, turning their business idea into a functioning venture.

The Curtin Student Guild recognises the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional owners of this land, and pays respect to elders past, present, and emerging.
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