Vishaal Ananth


Vishaal Ananth

Hello! This is Vishaal Ananth (he/him), running for the role of Guild Counselor. I am currently doing my first year of Masters in Industrial engineering at Curtin.

As an international student, I am well aware of the  problems that students have been facing on a regular basis during their study period apart from just studies. Transitioning into a new country and blending in with the culture, trying to learn the country etc., was difficult for me too in the beginning.

If I am appointed for this role, I would get the opportunity to voice out on behalf of all the students and resolve the issues my fellow students have been facing. With a little bit of voluntary experience in the past I assure to do all my duties to the fullest of my potential and try to make the guild a friendlier and an even more approachable platform for anyone facing non-academic difficulties.

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