Veronika Gobba


Veronika Gobba



I'm Veronika Gobba (she/her) and I am a fourth-year student studying International Relations and Economics. I am honoured to once again be in the running for the role of Vice President - Education. With a year of impactful advocacy and progress behind us, I am eager to build upon our achievements and champion the interests of every student at Curtin. 


Having previously held this position, I've had the privilege of working alongside dedicated individuals who understand the significance of quality education and student welfare. Last year, I am proud to have engaged in campaigns and the national universities accords, making sure things like getting rid of the Job Ready Graduates package and paid practicals were up on the agenda for change, and I'm proud to say that Illuminate’s collective efforts made a difference. This year, I am determined to continue this work and amplify our impact. Illuminate has a legacy of transformative accomplishments within the Guild, and I feel even more dedicated than last year to carry this torch forward.


Through my time at Curtin, I have course-switched, studied in-person, online and have struggled through many different obstacles along the way. Going to university is only becoming harder and more expensive for many of us. I do not want to see the quality of our education to go backwards when I have a chance to make a difference. My pledge is to advocate, listen and tirelessly work to continue supporting students at Curtin and push for better outcomes on a campus, state and national level.


If elected, I am committed to:

Building on our success in supporting the campaign against Curtin’s unfair enterprise bargaining agreement, advocating for the improvement in staff-to-student ratios.
Ensuring the Curtin Student Guild is highly involved in the National education accord process, we’ve proven that the system needs an overhaul- now let’s finish what we started and see tangible outcomes that address education quality and student poverty. 
Seeking more valuable ways to measure learning, moving away from outdated exams.
Expanding services such as free period products and rentable lockers.
Pushing Curtin to be a leading university in providing counselling and high quality mental health support for students.


Illuminate's legacy is one of dedication and transformation. We have collectively proven that positive change is possible.


To keep our Guild a strong and vibrant student-run force:

Vote [1] Veronika Gobba for Vice President Education and NUS Delegate!
Vote [1] Jasmyne Tweed for President!
Vote [1] Illuminate!