Taraneh Comer


Taraneh Comer

Kaya, my name is Taraneh (pronounced Tara-nay), my pronouns are she/her, and I’m running for the position of Women’s Equity Officer for 2023. I’ve been a student here at Curtin since 2019, and I’m currently studying Physiotherapy.

I’ve been extremely passionate about women’s rights for as long as I can remember, and my goal is to create a safe and welcoming campus for everyone to study and work at, regardless of their gender identity. I have been an active volunteer, advocate and member of many Women’s Rights movements and organisations for many years now, and I work hard to promote much-needed change and acceptance in our society. 

I’m running as Women’s Officer so I can ensure that anyone who accesses the Women’s Department can trust that they will be cared about and advocated for; as well as feel safe, comfortable and encouraged to study or work at Curtin University. I will stay in close contact with the Women’s Departments of other universities, as previous representatives have done before me, so we can work together to promote intersectional feminism, and support staff and students affected by discrimination. I will also promote events and social activities for students to attend, thus further building the women’s community and social network on campus.

I have many goals and plans for the Women’s Equity Department over the next year, including running free women’s health and sexual education workshops, providing more readily available information on support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and providing more accessible resources for students that are pregnant and/or have children and dependents. I also plan to encourage more staff and students to give recommendations and feedback on their experiences here at Curtin, and let me know what they would like to see happen or what events and workshops they would like to attend.

Overall, as Women’s Equity Officer, I promise to listen to individual student’s needs, promote a safe and inclusive environment on campus, and help make Curtin University a more accessible and welcoming tertiary institution for all students; regardless of their identity.

Together, we can achieve these goals and we will create a lasting positive impact on current and future women of Curtin University.

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