Tahlia Beckett


Tahlia Beckett

Hi, I’m Tahlia (she/her) and I’m running for Guild Councillor with Illuminate! I am a 2nd year International Relations student with specialisations in Chinese language and Strategic Studies. I want to be a Guild councillor because I believe the Guild can make a difference to students’ lives and studies.


I have extensive representation experience through my extensive volunteering as a Curtin University Ambassador and New to Curtin Mentor. I was also recently fortunate enough to be selected as the Australian delegate to the Youth20 summit in India this year ahead of the G20 summit!


If elected to Guild Council I will advocate for improvement and expansion of the Health Services available to students on campus.This includes opening a drop in Nurse Practitioner clinic on campus that would allow students to skip the wait time and get access to medical certificates. Illuminate is also fighting to fix Curtin Counselling. Students' access to high quality, professional mental health support should be a right, not a privilege!


Vote for me if you want a strong, experienced Guild! 

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