Ryan Kirby


Ryan Kirby

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Kirby (He/Him) I am a third-year student studying Economics and International Relations and I am seeking the position of Faculty Representative for Business and Law. 

This is my first time running in the Guild elections for a nominated position. In doing so,  I will bring a fresh perspective on behalf of the student body for the Faculty of Business and Law. The last few years here at Curtin have been tough. The isolation of students and staff from campus due to the pandemic has impacted the Curtin experience for many students here on campus. I can speak from personal experience, motivation to study sometimes faltered, and that is why I believe that we have a unique opportunity to reinvent the university to provide a greater experience for all students who attend on campus and online. We have a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the University and improve students experience here at Curtin by: 

  • Ensuring the quality of lecture recordings and online materials meets a high standard
  • Ensuring students get notified about internship opportunities relevant to their stream
  • Providing greater access to online resources by expanding the Curtin library catalogue
  • Allow for greater funding of society  and club events

The key to my nomination, is my core belief that no matter who you are, you deserve an equal opportunity to achieve in your given pathway. That is why I am intensely passionate to solve the experiential challenges students face here at Curtin University. Being a Faculty Representative on behalf of the student body for Business and Law inclines the perspective to envisage and implement real change in favour of a more equal and equitable experience for all students within the faculty but also provides the circumstances whereby meaningful change can be implemented here at Curtin. 

We all know that the cost of living is rising, this disproportionately affects those studying here at Curtin who can only commit to part-time or casual work. That is why I am profoundly passionate about improving the affordability of attending Curtin university through measures such as: 

  • Reducing the cost of parking at university 
  • Fighting to collectively bargain for greater discounts for students on essentials

I will work incredibly hard on behalf of the Faculty of Business and Law to ensure a more equal and equitable experience for all students who study here. A vote for me is a vote to improve the student experience here at Curtin University.

Vote [1] Ryan Kirby for Faculty Representative of Business and Law!
Vote [1] Dylan Botica for President!
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