Ryan Kirby


Ryan Kirby

Hi my name is Ryan Kirby (He/Him), I am a Business and Law student studying a double degree in Economics and International relations, and I am running for the position of Guild Councillor for 2024.


This year, I have worked as the Faculty Representative of Business and Law, which has given me a crucial understanding of how the Guild and the university works, and great experience in representing my fellow students.

While there have been some improvements recently, the reality is the last few years here at Curtin have been tough. The rising costs of living severely affects those who study while working casual or part-time, leaving a lot of students with little breathing room. This is an issue I’m profoundly passionate about and during my time as Faculty Rep, I’ve aided in mitigating rising costs for students by increasing the range of discounts for students on essentials like stationery, food and coffee. 


If elected as Guild Councillor, some of the measures I’ll continue to push will be;
Advocating for higher discounts on items purchased at on campus outlets
Fighting to reduce the cost of parking at university
Leveraging the collective power of the Guild Council to promote cost of living as a key check mark for university policy.


No matter who you are, you deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in your given pathway. That is why I am intensely passionate to solve the challenges we face as students at Curtin. 


If elected as Guild Councillor, I will work incredibly hard to ensure a more equal and equitable experience for all students who study here. 
A vote for me is a vote to improve the student experience here at Curtin University.


Vote [1] Ryan Kirby for Guild Councilor!
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