Rey Nairn


Rey Nairn

Hi, my name’s Rey (they/them) and I am a 1st year Pharmacy student, and I’m running for the positions of Accessibility Officer and Guild Councillor for 2023! 

I am a proud neurodivergent wheelchair user; my perspective being heavily informed by my lived experience of physical, mental, and sensory Disabilities, as well as being Queer. My special interests include building intersectional communities to uplift student voices, challenging misconceptions about minority experiences, diverse and customized accessibility measures, anti-capitalist organizing, and the interrelationship between accessibility and climate change. I am a strong believer in self-determination and the power of collective action in making change possible.  

I have had the pleasure and honour of representing Disabled students as Guild Accessibility Officer in 2022 and am keen to continue working on key accessibility projects into next year. In 2022 I have gained experience advocating for disabled students on various projects, including; the Guild Parking Campaign, University DAIP review, consultation on the accessibility of library and laboratory facilities, the soft-launch of Closed Captioning on iLecture content, and many others! In 2023 I aim to continue working to improve Accessibility at Curtin with particular emphasis on accessible routes of travel to and around campus, making accessible information formats standard, eliminating ableism, improved resourcing for valuable student services (like Counselling and Mentoring Programs), and de-medicalising the CAP system. As a Guild Councillor I plan to advocate for the unique needs of Equity students and ensure that all outcomes are in the best interests of students – particularly the most vulnerable among us.

I will make the voices of Disabled students and those with diverse accessibility needs heard. 

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