Nini Siddiqua


Nini Siddiqua

Hi I'm Nini (she/her) and I'm a third year student studying a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Health and Safety. I am running in this election with Illuminate for the position of Health Sciences Representative in 2024. 


I have experience as a social media and events manager for Curtin Health Promotion Student Association where I built a strong community for students interested in Public health, and I wish to do the same on a bigger level and make meaningful changes as a Health Science Representative for Guild. 


I am also a part of the Curtin Leadership Program, and I aim to use the skills I've learnt to be a reliable and trustworthy leader that aims for the best possible outcome. I value having a high standard and equitable education and prioritising mental health within our student community, and I will advocate to make changes that benefit equity and wellbeing of curtin students. 


Make sure to:

Vote [1] Nini Siddiqua for Health Science Representative! 
Vote [1] Jasmyne Tweed for President!
Vote [1] Illuminate!