Mitchell Craig


Mitchell Craig

Hi, I’m Mitchell Craig (he/him), I am a postgrad research student in the field of chemical engineering and I am running for Postgrad Students Committee President!

I have extensive experience in student representation, initially with several years in club office bearer roles with the Curtin Engineers Club and Women in Engineering Curtin Division, and more recently this year as Guild PSC Science & Engineering Faculty Rep. In this role, I provided a postgraduate student’s perspective at various faculty boards and committees.

I believe there is not enough emphasis placed on the mental health of students and it is my goal to address this through regular mental health surveys and the proactive offer of assistance to students who need it, rather than making them seek it out and jump through hoops to access counselling services. I want to make the complex and often confusing HDR policies and procedures easier to understand and more consistent. I also want to help postgraduates feel less isolated and plan to address this by having some great events and activities for postgrads!

There is currently a lack of mentoring and tutoring services for postgrad coursework students, with current services being aimed at undergraduates, I plan to work on expanding current services to include postgrads and I have already been working this year on the introduction of a postgraduate mentoring program.

I am super keen to bring a licensed Guild Food truck to campus (hopefully it spends most of it’s time in the south of campus).

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