Mitch Craig


Mitch Craig

Hi I’m Mitch Craig (He/Him), I am a postgrad research student in the field of chemical engineering and am running for Guild Councillor!

I have extensive experience in student representation, initially with several years in club office bearer roles with the Curtin Engineers Club and Women in Engineering Curtin Division, and more recently as Guild Postgraduate Student Committee President.

As PSC President some of the things I successfully helped lobby the university to do were:

Increase research stipends by 11.8% after they fell below the poverty line last year.
Agree to provide more software to students.
Fix problems with travel procedures.
Agree to review whether there should be a second tuition free week during each semester.


The Guild needs experienced representatives as councillors to ensure it can continue its good work and do even more for students. As Guild Councillor I will ensure that the Guild stays transparent, is financially stable, and is the best it can be for students. I will continue to fight for the second tuition free week to help alleviate the stresses on time and mental health on students!


My experience and demonstrated success make me the ideal candidate for Guild Council, a vote for me and for Illuminate is a vote for an independent, experienced, student-focussed, and fun Guild! Check out or policies and find out how to vote at


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