Kim Pinto


Kim Pinto

To all my fellow international students, 


My name is Kimberley Pinto, or as I like to be called, Kim. My pronouns are she/her and I am a third-year undergraduate Nursing Student studying internationally in Western Australia for the past four years. I am running for President of the International Student Committee with Illuminate, and I am writing this statement to win your confidence and vote as your president in championing international student rights at Curtin in 2024. 


First and foremost, we must ensure that international students are treated fairly. Some of the policies I am excited to advocate for are: 

the reform of supportive student services for academics, 
the well-being of international students, and 
safe living conditions. 


I will advocate for students who choose to live on campus to have affordable housing with facilities that will care for them while away from home. In addition, I will advocate for policies that prevent the exploitation of international students and provide avenues for reporting mistreatment without fear of reprisal. 


Financial barriers can be a major obstacle for students pursuing a degree internationally. I will fight to promote assistance with scholarships and grant applications to even the playing field for all international students, regardless of nationality. 


My experience with the International Student Committee at Curtin dates back to 2021. I have held the position of ISC councillor and spent time volunteering for events for the community. To foster a sense of inclusivity and community, I aim to coordinate and create multiple events in my term to promote cross-cultural understanding. I will redefine and innovate on periodic events such as Pasar Malam and giveaways to expand awareness and reach successful outcomes. Working hand in hand with the Curtin staff to encourage local businesses to benefit from events our committee will organise is also one of my policy priorities. 


I am also committed to organising events for visa and migration help for students from all countries. Being an international student comes with the inevitable responsibility of navigating through visa policies. I aim to make it easy for international students studying on campus and online to understand the different avenues they can access to make the most of their studies in Western Australia. 


I call on all international students—I am committed to the fight and I am experienced in the fight for all international students. Please cast your vote in my favour to fight for you and fight with you. 


Vote [1] Kim Pinto for International Student Committee President and NUS Delegate!
Vote [1] Jasmyne Tweed for President!
Vote [1] Illuminate!