Jude Soussan


Jude Soussan

Hello, my name is Jude Soussan (she/her), and I’m in my second year doing my theatre arts major within my creative arts degree and I am running for Faculty of Humanities Representative. I find myself speaking up a lot for my loved ones and have learnt over the years to speak up for myself. I find one of the major strengths in my personality are my communication skills in maintaining mutual respect with people and knowing how to properly communicate how I am feeling and working towards a consensus. 

As someone who has had my fair share of complaints within my degree, I feel like I could channel my disappointment into making a change and aiding for the students who find themselves struggling from any sort of inequities. As a residential advisor, who has organised and hosted many events for university residents, I am aware of how to treat, handle and communicate with a variety of students coming from different cultural or educational backgrounds. I have dealt with my own mental struggles thus will be understanding of others when dealing with stressful situations. I am outgoing, vocal, resilient, determined, caring, compassionate as well as hard-working. I am a very passionate person, and it is highly emphasised in the way I will speak up for what needs to be addressed. 

I believe the campus can be a better place for all. A safer, more inclusive environment where fairness is distributed. I want to implement a sort of passion, motivation, and drive within our students so they feel excited to turn up to university and will want to be included in everything, whether it is rocking up to classes or enjoying a party on campus. I want to ignite that feeling in everyone during my time at the Guild, to help students realise that it is not a depressing cycle of work and classes, but also a place where they want to be at and enjoy their time as well as getting the education they need. So, let us make Curtin university a place we want to be at together. 

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