Joren Noah Regan


Joren Noah Regan

Hi, my name is Joren (He/Him) and I am in my penultimate year studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science in computing. Throughout my degree,  I have seen issues pop up within the Science and Engineering faculty, which has directly affected students. As someone who believes in student welfare, I would like to maximise the student experience here on campus. This is why I am running for Science and Engineering Representative in this year’s Guild Elections.

Despite the easing back on mandates, I feel the after effects of COVID are still a huge issue in our degrees. I believe the university did not sufficiently handle the back-to-campus transition from online study and as a result classes still feel very stagnant. This can be felt in computer science classes along with many other science and engineering units. I also believe the lack of staff at Curtin is becoming a huge problem, which reflects badly on the university as an institution. Students need better engaging academic staff to help them reach their potential. If elected, I will promise to advocate for better staff welfare.

I believe that the university experience should prioritise both the quality of education and the facilitation of social clubs/events/environments. No matter a student’s background, race, gender, ability, nor any other factor out of a person’s control, an equal level of opportunity should be available for anybody to thrive. Some of my best experiences at university have been participating in club events (like the ComSSA hackathon) where I can be with like-minded students. This is why I will fight to bring Curtin clubs back to life.

As Science and Engineering Representative, I will work hard to ensure students feel heard. There is nobody better to advocate for the rights of students than the students themselves. Nothing makes me happier than solving problems (it’s why I love science and engineering so much). If I am elected, my focus above all else will be to respond to the concerns of students in the most timely and effective manner possible. I know that most students are on the go, and already have to deal with long waiting times for anything campus related. I understand the stress that can accumulate when an issue is pressing, and I would like to be the person the Sci Eng student body can trust. 

I want everyone to know that I care about YOU, along with the rest of Illuminate’s wonderful team.

If you want to bring a new dawn to the Science and Engineering faculty, make sure you :

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