Jasmyne Tweed


Hi there! My name is Jasmyne Tweed (she/her) and I’m a fourth year Law and Commerce student and I am honoured to be running for Guild President.

I have experience as an advocate by being your Faculty of Business and Law Representative, Chair of Representation Board and Guild Secretary. I have also been involved in clubs and faculty initiatives like the student consultative committee. All of this experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the needs of students on and off campus, and the importance of having a proactive Guild. 

This year as your Secretary, I have been a part of the team that established the new Vice President - Sustainability & Welfare Role as a part of our promise to make campus greener. This is just an example of the many wins an Illuminate Guild has achieved for its members this year. 

Illuminate promised to improve parking at Curtin and this year we have secured a major win for students. An Illuminate Guild has successfully advocated for Food for Fines to be introduced all year round, which means instead of being fined $45, you will now be able to donate $20 worth of food to the Curtin Pantry to waive your fine. 

As your President, I will lead a team that will continue to secure wins for Curtin students. This includes fixing Curtin Counselling. 6+ week wait times are not acceptable. It is essential that Curtin students have access to professional, mental health services when they need them. 

For a Guild that is passionate, progressive, accountable and experienced - Vote Illuminate! If you want a Guild that is independent Curtin students fighting for you, with you - Vote Illuminate! To keep your Guild shining - Vote Illuminate!

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