Jack Washington


Jack Washington

Hi, I’m Jack Washington. I’m an International Relations student and a socialist activist. I’m running with Left Action to be an Ordinary Representation Board member.


Left Action sees the Student Guild as activist bodies, meant to defend students and their rights through mobilising them in activist campaigns. This means using the Guild’s resources to call and build protests around progressive issues. Left Action are a group of experienced activists who have organised and supported rallies around important social justice issues such as abortion rights, refugee rights, and the rising cost of living.


Looking at the state of education at Curtin today, it’s important that the Student Guild play an active role in pushing for progressive change. It has never been harder to be a student than it is today, with rising cost of living pressures, an increasingly inaccessible housing market and rising levels of student debt. As well, the standard of education continues to fall, with certain degrees that aren’t seen to be as productive as others are given less emphasis by university management. Left Action activists have continuously fought for student rights over the past decade, running campaigns against course cuts and fee hikes, something that will need to be continuously fought for over the coming years.


This past year also saw Curtin staff take strike action for the first time in years, as staff could no longer afford to work long hours, earn below average wages and experience unstable working conditions. In addition, across Australia there have been industrial campaigns waged by staff against universities who for far too long have boasted massive profits while the staff that make the university run are treated poorly. As students it was imperative support the Curtin staff and their union, and activists involved with Left Action ran a solidarity campaign.


If there’s one thing that the Student Guild needs, it’s the ability to fight. That’s the sort of serious action needed to take on the big issues that effect students and staff the most. Left Action have a proven track record in fighting for progressive change, and that’s the approach that the Curtin Student Guild needs.


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