Imari Morris


Imari Morris

My name is Imari and I use they/she/he pronouns. I am in my fourth year at Curtin, currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. I am running to be Queer Officer in 2023. 

I believe in making campus safer for all students, especially LGBTQ+ students, and strengthening the community that already exists on campus. I’m passionate about making Curtin and its systems more accessible and understanding of students who are transitioning or even just trying to change their names and/or pronouns. I feel strongly about helping to make sure that all members of the community know that they have someone to turn to, who will listen to and help them with any issues they may face while enrolled at Curtin. I also think that ally training needs to become compulsory for all teaching staff at Curtin, to ensure that they have an awareness of how to make their classrooms safe for students and to respond correctly should issues arise within their classrooms. 

This year I was involved in not only the Queer Collective, but also the Women’s and Accessibility Collectives. This allowed me to work with three unique and diverse communities at Curtin and gave me the experience of engaging with them on the issues that impact them. I also recently had the opportunity to fill a vacancy on the Representation Board, which has given the chance to view and participate in more formal meetings within the Guild. 

Given my experience and passion for this community, I’m a great candidate for Queer Officer, and if given the opportunity to take up the role, I would do my very best to represent my fellow LGBTQ+ students as best I can.

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