February Metcalf


Hello! I’m February (they/them) and I’m nominating for the roles of Guild Councillor and National Union of Students Delegate. I believe I will be best suited to this role due to my values, experience and my passion for student representation. I have been involved in the Guild since 2019, including this year where I worked as Vice President – Activities.

Throughout these past four years, I have developed an understanding of tertiary education issues, how university and government policy affects students, and what student unionism is all about. I have attended rallies, workshopped and coordinated projects, and ran campaigns for the betterment of student life. I believe that the issues students face are not being adequately addressed at unit, university or federal levels, and change must be made.

There are many issues plaguing students today. The biggest ones are the effects of COVID-19 on quality of education and the overall university experience, as well as the JobsReady package removing HECS funding for students who don't perform well in their studies. Furthermore, student unions like the Curtin Guild have had their power taken away over time.

The University continues to strategically cut the Guild’s funding, and drastic changes are needed soon before we become even more disenfranchised.

It is important now more than ever that students stand together to oppose these changes, and I am committed to representing your issues both at Curtin and at a national level. Thank you very much for reading!

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