Ella Marchionda


Ella Marchionda

Hi, my name is Ella, I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts and I’m running to be an Ordinary Reps Board Member.


Students are worse off than they’ve ever been before.  The cost of living and housing crisis is hurting students.  And the Labor government is increasing our HECS debt. 


I’m running for this position because I think that the Guild, with its millions of dollars and responsibility to represent Curtin students, needs to do more to fight for Curtin students' rights and for social justice.


The Guild must play a role in fighting for affordable housing. Student housing is currently run by private companies that charge exorbitant rental fees.  The cost of living crisis is also hitting students. With welfare below the poverty line, we need youth allowance to be higher and we need AUStudy to be higher. We need to fight to end unpaid internships that make life hard for students, and we need education to be more affordable. 


The Guild has the power and an ability to put pressure on the university to make housing more affordable and demand more welfare for students.


Along with this, the Guild needs to take up questions of social and climate justice. Curtin University should break ties with fossil fuel companies that fuel the destruction of the planet. It’s the biggest issue facing society, and our education should not be funneled into it. 


I have been involved in campaigns for not only climate justice, but for abortion rights in WA, LGBT rights and fighting for indigenous rights. I will fight for a Guild that is outspoken about these important issues that students care about.


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