Callum Baxter


Callum Baxter

Howdy, my fellow scholars and wranglers of knowledge,

It's high noon, and I reckon it's time to rustle up some excitement in the world of education here
at Curtin. Now, you might be wonderin', "Why this cowboy?" Well, partner, let me tell you, I've
got a taste for adventure and a flair for the fabulous that's as big as the Texas sky.

You see, education is like a wide-open prairie, and every student deserves a chance to ride off
into the sunset of success. But darlin', success ain't just about books and lectures; it's about
creatin' a campus that's as diverse as a field of wildflowers and as welcoming as a front porch

Now, I ain't one to shy away from a challenge, and I'm fixin' to make sure every student's voice
is heard, loud and clear. We'll be ropin' in opportunities like a top-notch rodeo cowboy and
bridgin' the gap between students and the faculty faster than a jackrabbit on a hot day.

Our aim? Well, it's to make sure every student feels right at home, even if they come from
places as far apart as Texas and the Old Western Plains. We'll be workin' together to corral
those academic obstacles and ride 'em out of town, one dusty trail at a time, with a wink and a
swagger that'll make the desert blush.

So, my friends, whether you're a two-steppin' country dancer or a starry-eyed stargazer, saddle
up and join me as we embark on this educational adventure. Together, we'll turn Curtin
University into a place where every student can shine as bright as a Lone Star.

For example:
Why not rename the Tavern into the Saloon?
Mandate cowboy hats - yeehaw
Common free time could be no more - instead we have the weekly rodeo?
Give Curtin Security guns and rename them sheriffs?

This and so much more I come up with in the next week or so could be reality.

So come on, partner, vote for this cowboy, and let's paint the campus with the colors of diversity
and unity, making Curtin University the proudest place to be.

Giddy up and let's ride to a brighter future!
Vote (1) Callum for Guild Council
Vote (1) Muhammad for Vice