Cadence Grant


Cadence Grant

Hey! My name is Cadence [she/her]  and I am running for the position of Women’s Officer for 2024. I am currently in my second year studying Business Information Systems, after switching from a previous degree.


I am a strong proponent of women's rights and freedoms, with a focus on intersectionality and gender diversity. My goal is to foster a safe environment for women and other marginalised individuals on campus, and I will work hard to advocate for equity, anti-discriminatory policies and the empowerment of women in our society.


As Women's Officer, I aim to keep the department a safe and inclusive space open to anyone wishing to access it, and to host a collective of like minded individuals in order to ensure I am aware of any issues or incidents on campus. I also intend to coordinate activities and events such as informative workshops about women's health and sexual education, and Curtin ALLY training sessions open to both students and staff. This year, I have been an active member of the Queer Departments Collective, and have worked closely with the members of the collective to push for dignified treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals on campus, as well as making available better informative resources about gender identity and discrimination & harassment policies. 


I will advocate for the provision of free menstrual sanitary products to people on campus, the addition of student lockers on campus, and an improvement in the Counselling services available at Curtin. Additionally, I will be receptive to any feedback from peers, both from within the department's collective and the broader community of students and staff.


In summary, I want to maintain a safe, secure environment for all women and people of marginalised identities, to promote policy regarding anti-discrimination & gender identity inclusivity and to help make Curtin University an equity-focused institution accessible to people of any identity, ability and origin.Together, we can accomplish this goal!


Vote [1] Cadence Gant for Women’s Officer!
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