Athina Hilman


Athina Hilman

Hi, My name is Athina Hilman and I am a second-year student studying Journalism and PR/Marketing. I am running for Ordinary Representative Board (ORB) and NUS delegate for Illuminate this September. 

As an ORB,  I want to bring issues to the board that directly affects students. A platform I am passionate about is ensuring students feel a sense of belonging when they are on campus. I firmly believe the culture at university needs to be engaging for students to participate willingly. For students to enjoy the university experience, they must first feel the support from their university.

I never considered myself someone who would align with a union group, but I have seen firsthand what the NUS has done to fight for our education. As NUS is a collective group of student unions who push back on unfair education decisions by the federal government, Curtin must have a strong representative to ensure the best decisions are made on behalf of Curtin students. I believe I have what it takes to fight for our right to an accessible and fair education. University is an expensive investment, so I will fight to ensure that every one of us is given the highest standard of education. 

I have extensive experience in fighting with students for better student welfare and education. I am the co-president of Newsspeak, a student journalism club in Western Australia where we regularly host student networking sessions. I have also been a New To Curtin mentor for the past years, where I mentor new students at Curtin. I have also dipped my toes in advocating for better education for students through my role as the Head of the Student Consultative Committee. I am also an advocate for hosting workshops for incoming students as a Connect Belong mentor for the Faculty of Humanities. As a student advisor, I also have experience working with academics, as I sit on the Media, Creative and Arts and Social Inquiry (MCASi) Board. On top of this, I co-produce Turning Point, a Curtin University podcast dedicated to shining a spotlight on all things Humanities. All these experiences have allowed me to help students whenever possible, as I am dedicated to helping as many students pursue their passion in the arts. 

I am the best candidate for this position because I am determined, resilient, hard-working and friendly. I believe in inclusivity, collaborative work and most importantly : I care. I care about your student well-being. I care about your education, and most of all, I care about your student experience here at Curtin. 

So, make sure you

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