Ashok Radhakrishnan


Ashok Radhakrishnan

Hi Everyone! I’m Ashok Radhakrishnan (he/him), I'm completing my Masters in Industrial Engineering and I’m running for 2023 International Student Committee President. 

I started my journey as an international student with Curtin in 2021. It’s been a challenging transition from my home country to Curtin. The last two years have been quite challenging for the whole world, particularly for International students, who’s study plans have been derailed over the past few years. As borders opened this year, I know how hard the transition we International students have faced. 

From that time to now, I wanted to be the voice of the international students and better provide providing ongoing support to fellow international students. I joined the Postgraduate Student Committee as a councillor and started to observe how the Curtin Student Guild works and came to know how other student leaders fight for students. I was deeply inspired and I helped my team in every project with my full potential, to enhance student experience. I was also involved in establishing a Postgraduate Mentoring Program and organising events for International students. As an International student, I was a part of arranging a Migration worshop with other student leaders, which was a really important event for us, as we take on the journey to obtain our Temporary Graduate Visa and roadway to Permanent Resident.

All these things have made me want to stand for the 2023 International Student Committee position. If elected, I want to focus on:
Opening an International Students hub at Curtin
Bring down the fees considerably for international students
Providing a short term accommodation stay for incoming students
A transitional support pathway for new international students 
On going academic support 
Internship support 

Most importantly, I want to be the International student voice on campus and work harder to make International students experience better. 

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