Yie Xin Cheong

Yie Xin Cheong (Illuminate)

Hello! My name is Yie Xin Cheong, I am a first year Law and Taxation student. I will be a Guild Councillor and NUS Delegate in 2022.

I understand every Curtin University student has expectations from their Guild.

We will work towards: 

1 – The establishment of timely assessment feedback to maximise our chance of succeeding. 
2 – The restoration of face-to-face lectures and tuition-free weeks. 
3 – The offer of affordable services on campus, namely food and parking.

At Curtin, I am a Student Ambassador, a Student as Partner, and a Representative of Faculty of Business & Law Student Consultative Committee. Prior to joining Curtin, I was a finalist of the 2020 Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award and a Youth Advocate for the City of Stirling. During my three years at Churchlands Senior High School, I have accumulated a total of 655 community service hours. As a recent migrant from Southeast Asia – Malaysia, from the bottom of my heart, I am thankful for all the opportunities given to me.

Now, I wish to and plan to continue the momentum of giving back to society, which starts at Curtin University. With my migrant background, I understand the difficulties faced by international students as well as interstate students either academically or financially. In addition, my knowledge, experiences, and achievements have equipped myself with the qualifications.

I have confidence in my abilities to meet and exceed the expectations for both Guild Councillor and NUS Delegate positions.