Veronika Gobba


Veronika Gobba (Illuminate)

Hi! My name is Veronika Gobba (she/her), I am a second-year student (and George’s Kebabs addict) studying a double major of International Relations and Economics and am very excited to be running for the position of Guild Councillor with Illuminate in 2022. 

I have been studying at Curtin since 2019 and during this time have experienced a fair share of triumphant moments but also low points in my academic university life. Greater access to adequate mental health services and high-quality learning environments are two things that I am extremely keen to help deliver as I know such things were so important to me during the hard times of my academic journey. Making Curtin Counselling more effective and student-centred; addressing barriers for regional/rural students to accessible education and opposing staff cuts as well as opposing over-casualisation are all areas which I am passionate to push as a Guild councillor. 

I am a proud supporter and ally of the LGBTQI+ community and am passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces for people who often experience barriers to feeling comfortable in situations many take for granted. Illuminate has done an amazing job so far at delivering this and I would love to contribute to the work they have done. 

I am also a big advocate for political engagement. As academics—and largely young academics, we will face the brunt of the decisions made by politicians today in our future and it may well be our job to fix any of those potentially poorly made decisions. Running campaigns to get students enrolled to vote and making sure students are provided with transparent information about politicians and policies that affect the livelihood of university students and staff are also ideas I am excited to help make happen.

I am extremely keen to be able to represent students and staff alike as a Guild Councillor and am always excited to have everyone’s opinions heard, so if you ever see me on campus, please don’t hesitate to chat with me, ask me questions or bring me your thoughts. Maybe we can share a HSP over it…idk…you do you. Please enjoy our wonderful democracy and:

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