Theodora Rohl



Theodora Rohl 

Hello! My name is Theodora Rohl, and I am your 2022 Guild President.

I want to create a Guild that’s proactive, student-focused and willing to fight for your quality of education. 

It has become clearer than ever that students need a Guild that is driven to support all aspects of student life – we need a Guild that advocates for more engaging classroom experiences (looking at you, online lectures!), that builds a community amongst students, that supports clubs to be bigger and better than before, that’ll help us find our place in this country and the world as a whole. 

These last few years have not been kind to us. COVID-19 pushed us all online, and the University endeavoured to keep us that way. Students were getting so tired from everything going on, and the University took away one of our weeks off. We needed to go see a professional to talk about how we’re feeling, and the University cut funding to Curtin Counselling. But these issues can be fixed, and I am determined to try my hardest to fix them.

I also want to create a more vibrant campus culture. I intend to create a Student Hub on campus, with student hangout rooms, study spaces and dedicated club rooms. I want to bring you more free food events, more animals on campus, more events both big and small. And most importantly, I want to demand that the University gets rid of CellOPark, so we’re not charged an arm and a leg simply for showing up on campus. 

One thing to note is that next year is the Federal Election. As such, I intend to run a campaign, which won’t just stop at getting students enrolled to vote – it will encourage you to be informed and actively involved in the governance of Australia, by demanding change from politicians. We deserve to be heard, at University, State and Federal levels, and it will be my greatest honour to elevate our voices.

But you never know what's gonna crop up in the Guild. Whilst I have an inkling of how next year’s gonna look, anything can happen. So whilst I have my own goals and plans, anything else that comes up I’m prepared to stand up and fight for, no matter what. Because I have the morals. I have the perspective. And I truly, deeply, care.