Sophie Scott


Sophie Scott (Illuminate)

Hi! My name is Sophie Scott and I am a second year accounting and finance student and will be a Guild Councillor and Ordinary Representation Board Member in 2022.

I am super excited about the prospect of representing the interests of Curtin students in an official capacity! I have decided to run for these positions because my time at Curtin so far has been amazing and I have experienced such a strong community. There are so many opportunities available at Curtin from volunteering to leadership roles that have allowed me to thrive, something I was unable to do as a shy high school student. I have developed my self-confidence, initiative, and leadership skills and this has led me to realise that I am more than just my grades. I believe that the supportive student guild has certainly been a huge part of my positive university experience, fostering diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

During my time at Curtin I have been a very active member of the student community, as it is important to me to give back. To this end, I have been student ambassador, a New to Curtin Mentor and a member of Club committees as well as engaging in volunteering initiatives. However, this year I wanted to take it a step further and run for Guild Councillor and for the Ordinary Representation Board.

As a Guild Councillor or Representation Board Member, I will advocate for diversity, inclusion and greater support services. In particular, I hope to advocate for greater accessibility to mental health support, and support for neurodiverse people. An important part of this is ensuring more accessible assessments and easier access to CAP plans.

I would also like to see greater financial support given to students who are struggling with the day-to-day costs of university life particularly if they are living away from home. The Food Bank Scheme is a great example of the sort of support Curtin can provide to struggling students however I would like to see an extension of this to further support students.

I strongly support and am a passionate advocate for social movements that reflect the strong values of Illuminate. Environmental Sustainability + Climate Change and movements for minority groups such as LGBTQI+ community will definitely be on the agenda.

My fellow passionate Illuminate Candidates and I will uphold our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, seeking to empower Curtin students to make the most of University life.