Shaniqua Cutinha


Shaniqua Cutinha (Illuminate)

Hi! My name is Shaniqua Cutinha and I am running for the positions of Faculty of Business & Law Representative and Guild Councillor in 2022. I am currently in my second year of a double degree in Law and IR. 

As a double degree student, I bring a unique perspective and connection to both the Bentley and City campuses, and am committed to ensuring that both business and law students are adequately represented. 

I am particularly passionate about creating better links with industry within our courses – that means continuing the work of making assessments more authentic to the workplace, increasing opportunities for credit through internships and clerkships, and making sure that Curtin business and law students are better equipped to transition into industry after graduation. 

In 2021, I had the privilege of being an Ordinary Representation Board Member. In my role, I was able to further develop my advocacy skills as well as gain relevant Guild experience. For example, I stood in for the current FBL representative for several Student Disciplinary Panel meetings which not only allowed me to gain an insight into the faculty rep role but also gave me the opportunity to build a rapport with staff members in the faculty – I believe these relationships will be invaluable in representing and advocating for FBL students. I have the connections, passion, and experience to be an excellent faculty representative. 

I’m running with Illuminate because they are progressive, proactive, and Curtin-student focussed. I believe that you deserve representation that is devoted to.
I’d like to help better the student experience at Curtin, and I believe the best way to achieve that is through being Faculty of Business and Law Representative and a Guild Councillor. My fellow Illuminate candidates and I are committed to providing more free food, bringing back the lost-tuition free weeks, and making assessments more equitable. 

I promise to stand for and with you, if you vote for me. 

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