Salwa Kilzi


Salwa Kilzi (Illuminate)

Hi, my name is Salwa Kilzi, my pronouns she/her and I will be your Women's Officer in 2022; I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology as a second-year student.

The inequality presented before women and non-male identifying people incites a passion in me to seek change; being the Women's Officer will give me a voice and opportunity to take action in the proper steps. I believe I have the passion and experience to organise events that enable Curtin to become a more comfortable and progressive place for students. 

This year, I was a part of the women's collective as their secretary; through this role, I was able to experience the way Guild is run and further my passion for equity, and I feel that as a person of colour, I can bring a different voice to the table with some fresh ideas. I have also been a member of different clubs and have seen the way they are run, got to meet amazing people with different perspectives through my experiences, and got a sense of what is needed on campus. As someone who is passionate about mental health, I will pursue more accessibility for students, from a second tuition free week to more services in the counselling centre, making sure student needs are met.

This semester I also volunteered as a mentor at Curtin, this allowed for me to explore the struggles new students have, causing me to further want to seek change to make university life a less stressful environment. Overall, I want all students to feel that all their needs are met at Uni, from better food options, to better parking fees, and to bring back the bubble tea lab! 

Furthermore, being a part of the Guild will be a valuable and honourable experience; as the Women's Officer, I would aim to create a sense of comfort and community throughout Curtin, also to spread awareness of issues regarding inequalities and celebrate Women and their achievements.

I hope that Curtin can become a place where everyone can express themselves freely without judgement, so if you want to help me create this wonderful environment, vote for more people that care about your needs to be in a position to help.

Let’s all work together to create a safe and enjoyable university life, where everyone can receive a proper education, receive the respect they deserve and receive access to delicious food (and bubble tea).