Ronan McEwan


Ronan McEwan (Illuminate)

Hi there, my name is Ronan McEwan, and I am a second year Psychology student running to be an Ordinary Representation Board member!

I believe that with my many years of experience in leadership positions and student politics, as well as my passion for creating positive change in the mental health sphere, I will be an excellent member of the Representation Board, working effectively with the other members and the Guild to improve student welfare, education, accessibility and equity across campus.
Over the years I have also worked closely with multiple mental health organisations in organising awareness events, and acting as a mentor to those also passionate about mental health awareness. This has provided me with experience and knowledge about how to effectively increase awareness of mental health issues and the support available.

Here are some of the initiatives I would work towards if elected:

To organise a campaign to increase awareness of where the Curtin Counselling services are located and what services are available through that for students.

Furthermore, also working to increase the funding for Curtin Counselling services so that more students are able to access support without a wait time.
Implement a universal submission time for all assessments at 11:59pm - no longer will you have to worry about assignments being due at random hours of the day!  

Work to increase the physical and sensory accessibility across campus, and advocate for the introduction and expansion of safe, all-gender bathrooms.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me or come find me during polling days!  Vote for Illuminate to help make Curtin University a more supportive, equitable and accessible campus.

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