Rachel Taylor


Rachel Taylor (Illuminate)

Hi! My name is Rachel Taylor, I am a third-year Chemistry student, and I will be your Faculty Representative for Science and Engineering 2022. 

Like most students, the changes to learning and teaching these past few years have had an impact on my studies. There have been many changes at both a student and lecturer level to find ways to help all students learn the content to the best of their abilities. For this reason, I think it's important to have increased communication between students and lecturers. This will also include improving the feedback for student's assessments and ensuring that feedback is given in a timely manner. 

I have experience on the Guild as a Guild Councillor this year and have worked closely with the current Science and Engineering Faculty Rep. This means that I am in the perfect position to know what this role entails and how I can fulfil it to benefit every student in the faculty. I also have experience as a committee member for a number of science clubs, including: Curtin Chem Club, Advanced Science Club, and; Curtin Students' Physics Association. In these roles, I have been able to hear a number of student perspectives and form relationships with various staff in the faculty. These roles have also given me experience with organising events and dealing with conflicting viewpoints. 

At Curtin, I have been very fortunate to have friendly lecturers that focused on forming a community inside and outside the classroom. This is something that I think every student should be able to experience, and I am here to make that happen. I am here to fight to improve the student experience and provide a voice for those that need it. I will also work towards more accessible resources for those who need support, both academically and mentally. The transition to adulthood isn't an easy time, which is why I believe it's important that university provides a safe environment and community for that change to occur.