Matty "Emu" Kursar



Matty "Emu" Kursar (Not 3 Emus)

Enough is enough, the Curtin University that is inhabited by humans like me has lacked a campus-based mascot that isn’t a human for too long.

Other universities have trampled upon our pride by installing avian animals around their sites while we have simply watched like stupid chickens. Simply put, we don’t want to be chickens. That’s almost as bad as being a peacock and that would be really bad. Like EXCEPTIONALLY terrible. Just awful. Really not good. Peacocks are so incredibly lame. Who do they think they are? Showboating like that ALL the time. Like, we get it dude, you’ve got a colourful behind and the rest of us are stuck with simple looking behinds. This is the 6th week in a row you’ve brought your colourful behind to show and tell. God, I hate peacocks they just really rub me the wrong way. But yeah anyways, if you vote me in, I’ll put some (domesticated) emus on campus that are trained to hunt down peacocks on sight.

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