Madison Ainsworth



Madison Ainsworth (Illuminate)

My pronouns are she/her and am in my second year of my Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Publishing degree.

After graduating from Bunbury Catholic College in 2013 and being a student at ECU for a year and a half, I came to Curtin University in 2015 and moved through UniReady, an unsuccessful degree in Psychology and being a committee member of Curtin Writers Club, and the faculty representative for the Humanities which all lead me here. My University adventure have given me an understanding of how many different experiences, needs, joys and hardships that students have, and may go through.

My experience for the past year as the Faculty of Humanities student representative has provided me with some amazing skills, a professional mindset and experience that will be imperative for the role of Vice President-Education.

I will use my position next year to help to fulfil Illuminates promises to you.

As the Curtin University Guild’s Vice President - Education I will work toward bringing back your tuition free weeks, which is not only necessary for arts students to do their assignment work which sometimes take weeks of dedicated attention, but are often used as catch up opportunities, chances to get ahead of the set schedule, extra time at work, and a much needed chance to relax and give students an opportunity to recuperate their mental health.

I will advocate for more affordable and accessible education, because I strongly believe that education should be accessible to all—not just those who are from well-off families or those who are in a position that makes taking on a massive debt feasible.

I will provide rural and regional students with assistance that will reduce the barriers that not only stop some students from attempting to go to University but make current students have a significantly more difficult time communicating with their tutors and receiving feedback on assignments.

I will work towards having Guild cafés open for longer for students who have later classes and study on campus.

I will assist in filling the gap that the library renovations have made by pushing for a student central on campus that will provide hangout areas, study spaces, and club areas.

I will continue the amazing work of 2021’s Vice President-Education, Bridge Truell and make sure that Curtin University is a place to learn, a place to grow, a place to be accepted and a place to have fun.