Madison Ainsworth


Madison Ainsworth (Illuminate)

Hello! My name is Madison Ainsworth (she/her) and I will be a National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate in 2022.

My experience at Curtin, especially my past year as the Humanities Faculty student representative, has given me a deep appreciation and passion for student representation.

I believe that I will be a great fit for this role due to my knowledge and understanding of student politics, my dedication to getting work done quickly and to a high standard, and my ability to acknowledge when I need help as well as my preparedness to ask.

There are a lot of issues that impact students that must be addressed and I will put my all into doing so.

As a mature aged student I have experienced a lot of changes through my time at University, most recently the underprepared online education provided during quarantine, the lacklustre support given to tutors and UC’s during this time (which impacted our learning experience and grades), and the attack that just never seems to end on the faculty of Humanities.

As an NUS delegate I will bring the frustrations and lack of support of Humanities students to the NUS conference, petition for these issues to be addressed so that future and current students will be able to look back on this time and think of how weird it was, and how great the education system has become.